Reflections of God 2016

VBS Opportunities for LCMS Congregations:
Vacation Bible School is still a great way to reach out into your community. If your church needs assistance in making VBS a reality (i.e. It wouldn’t happen without Shepherd’s Hill @ The Crossroads summer staff) – check out the dates below for available times to schedule our staff to come in. We will do one of two options – Mon 9:00am through Wed noon with a closing noon program OR Thursday 9am through Saturday noon with a closing noon program. Each day will run from 9am-3pm. The cost is $30/student (minimum of 15 students) and a $200 per church transportation fee along with housing our staff in homes and providing their food. Congregations are also asked to supply a couple of helpers.

  • June 16-18
  • June 20-22
  • June 23-25
  • July 6-8
  • July 25-29 – Holy Cross, Lidgerwood
  • August 1-3
  • August 4-6

Reflections of God… 2016