(re)Created in God 2015

Campers will grow in their faith through chapels, Bible studies, campfires, fellowship and have the opportunity enjoy all of the wonders of God’s creation. Activities including the game room, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, softball, volleyball, hiking, and adventure course will be available. Trail Rides and Lead Rides are available for an additional charge (except for those in Horse Camp).

Three Tier Pricing defined:
Three tiered pricing is designed to assist those who may need a reduced price and yet allows others to pay what it actually costs to run the camp. Tier 1 is set with automatic scholarships in place. If further financial assistance is needed – please contact your local congregation and ask them for help. If more is needed please call the camp office and we can work something out. We don’t want a child to miss out on camp for financial reasons. Tier 2 is based on what it costs us to run the entire summer camp program so that we can cover the cost with our fees and not rely on supplementing from campership donors. Tier 3 is based on what it costs us to run the Summer program and keep camp functioning so we’re around again for next year. All of this cost has been covered by donors in the past. If you are able to pay tier 3 pricing – we would greatly appreciate your support.

Creation Science Camp/Beginning Sculpting
Great for Confirmation Classes — Open to adults
June 21-26, 2015
Wanna Blow something up??? Come to Creation Camp Sunday at 4pm. We are working with Brian Young and the CIA for this camp. Brian will bring expert testimony from science and scripture, teaching participants the tough arguments against evolution. We will help them to know how to defend their faith against this false teaching. This year campers will create a sculpture that illustrates or expresses the miracle of creation as taught in the Bible. At the end of the camp week, sculptures will be placed along a trail so parents and campers can explore each one and reflect on their new-found knowledge and understandings. All lodging, food and program are covered in the fee of Tier 1= $315 Tier 2= $465 Tier 3= $595

“Fishing for Memories” Camp
June 28 – July 3, 2015
Blue gills, Perch, Northern or Walleye – Youth entering 4th grade on up can join the fun this summer
as we explore surrounding lakes. Learn skills from experienced and talented local anglers including
volunteers from ND Game and Fish “Lurem for Life” as mentors. Bring your own gear or let us know
and you can borrow ours. Then join in camp activities for the remainder of the day.
Tier 1= $295 Tier 2= $430 Tier 3= $575

First Article Confirmation Camp
June 28 – July 3, 2015
Join with youth from other congregations around the ND District in learning about the God of Creation
and being Stewards of His world. Pastors are welcome to bring their confirmation classes and
complete the First article of the creed during this week of camp. Free up some of your confirmation
time to help ease your schedule through the rest of the year. This is a great way to expand the size of
your class and enhance the learning environment and team up with others in the teaching process.
Tier 1= $295 Tier 2= $435 Tier 3= $575

Kids Camp
July 5-10, 2015
Kids Camp is especially designed children entering grades four through six. Camp begins Sunday at 4:00pm. Enjoy God’s wonderful creation through outdoor activities. Extended an extra day by popular demand – This exciting week of camp concludes Friday at 1:00pm.
Tier 1= $295 Tier 2= $435 Tier 3=$575

Guitar Camp
July 12-17, 2015
Guitar Camp begins Sunday at 4:00 pm. Youth and adults of all ages including beginners and experienced guitar players are welcome! Campers will learn the basics of playing guitar and advance their skills at their own pace. Please bring your own guitar. This week will conclude on Friday at 1:00pm with a mini-concert for all family and friends who wish to attend.
Tier 1= $295 Tier 2= $435 Tier 3= $575

Geocaching Adventure Camp
July 12-17, 2015
Geocaching Adventure begins Sunday at 4:00pm. There is an abundance of adventure to be had with the challenge of finding a pre-placed object or finding your way around. GPS equipment will be available. Each camper will also receive a compass and instructions. Campers will be challenged with games and finding coordinates with scripture references. The week concludes on Friday at 1:00pm.
Tier 1= $295 Tier 2= $435 Tier 3= $575

District Encounter Camp
July 19-24, 2015
District Encounter Camp begins Sunday at 4:00pm. Join us as we encounter God through Word; World; Worship; and Recreation Encounters. Make new friends, learn basic leadership skills, reunite with old friends, grow in your relationship with Christ, and have fun in a camp setting. Our great team of leaders works under the ND District Empowered Stewards Standing Committee and Youth Task Force.
Tier 1= $295 Tier 2= $435 Tier 3= $575

Leadership Quest
July 26 – August 1, 2014
Leadership Quest begins Sunday night 4:00pm. This is an intensive leadership training from a Christian perspective which will give campers the skills to use in church and daily living for a lifetime. The purpose of Leadership Quest is to strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ, discover your potential, and help you seek God’s direction in your life. Campers can expect workshops that strengthen their faith, expand their vision for their life, give hope for the future, equip them for making a difference for Christ, encouragement and affirmation, new skills in effective Bible study and personal quiet time, opportunities to grow through service, amazing campfires, laughter, and new friends who love you just the way you are. There are $50 scholarships available to the first 20 registrations.
Tier 1= $450 Tier 2= $575 Tier 3= $695

What you can expect at Leadership Quest

  • Workshops that strengthen your faith, expand your vision for your life, give you hope for the future, and equip you for making a difference for Christ.
  • Lots of encouragement and affirmation!
  • New skills in effective Bible study and personal quiet time.
  • Opportunities to grow through service-work alongside others to help improve and maintain Shepherd’s Hill at the Crossroads by splitting wood, clearing trails, cooking and more.
  • Amazing campfires that will refresh your relationship with Christ.
  • Star gazing, great food, much laughter, and new friends who love you just the way you are.

Servant Event
August 2-7, 2015
Servant Event begins Sunday at 4:00pm. This annual service oriented camp is designed to work on projects around SHCR to improve the facilities. We will do trail maintenance and repair corral fence in the horse area. We would not be where we are today without the help of many volunteers. The week concludes Friday at 1:00pm. Get a group of family and friends together to come help us out this year.
Tier 1= $375 Tier 2= $435 Tier 3= $575

Debt Reduction

Raised $123063 towards the $650000 target.

Faith Alive… 2014

Colossians 2:6-7 "So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness."